Workplace Training

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Session Overview

Top 20 concepts are helpful to people of all ages and professions. Our work with schools across the county has now brought us opportunities to bring many of the same concepts to businesses and communities. We have conducted training sessions for a range of industries including social workers, carpenters, chefs, trucking, car dealers, secretaries, accountants, business managers and a host of other professionals. The outcomes of these training sessions include the following benefits and more:

  • Reducing negativity from the workplace and creating a more positive culture
  • Building trust
  • Drawing out the talents of each team member
  • Enhancing communication and problem solving skills

Please contact us by email at or by phone at 651-308-4876 for more information and to schedule a training.

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You’ll Learn To…

After attending a Top 20 seminar, you can expect to leave with the tools to:

  • Create an Effective and Healthy Workplace Culture
  • Eliminate negative mental habits (apathy, boredom, procrastination)
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Develop star qualities
  • Discover hidden relevancy
  • Break out of the comfort zone
  • Resolve conflicts effectively
  • Master the art of bettering your best
  • Identify and overcome self-destructive beliefs
  • Take responsibility for and discover your true self

Prepare for a training like no other!

  • Applicable tools that you can start using immediately
  • Lively and fun presentation filled with relevant stories, humor and culture changing tips and ideas
  • How to keep your day, every day!