I have been reflecting recently on the importance of knowing the truth about ourselves. The sooner we realize that truth, whatever it is, the better we become. When we are not aware of the truth, especially the truth of our inner potential, we can be held back from amazing possibilities that life has in store for us.

We may take steps towards life’s amazing possibilities by heeding Christopher Robin’s advice to Winnie the Pooh. In the cartoon, Robin and Pooh are discussing what would happen if they were apart from each other. Pooh says that he would have no one to turn to and that he would be lost. If that were ever to happen, Robin shares the following with Pooh:

Christopher is reminding Pooh that the truth about himself is that he is ‘more than’ he thinks, believes, and feels.

Today you will meet someone who believes he or she is ‘less than’. In fact, you are likely to meet a person like that every day. It may even be the person you see in the mirror.

As human beings, we often do not yet realize who we are or our great potential. As such, we do not see a truth about ourselves; we instead view ourselves as ‘less than’. When this thinking becomes a habit, we can find ourselves stuck in a ‘less than’ desirable place. Joy and satisfaction are minimized; our growth and development are stunted.

I personally had a ‘less than’ experience several years ago when I had to give a 30-minute presentation in a class I was taking to fulfill my Master’s degree. Comparing myself to others who were in this Master’s program, I doubted that my presentation would meet the expected standards. Public speaking was not my thing. I needed Robin’s ‘more than’ reminder at that time.

In the last six weeks I have done 14 presentations that were 3-6 hours long in eight different states. These never would have happened had I not had an earlier experience that resulted in overcoming my ‘less than’ thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

When ‘less than’ moments show up in our lives, we have an important choice to make.

  1. We can allow the ‘less than’ thoughts, beliefs and feelings function as a STOP sign and stay stuck in our comfort zone.

2. We can remember Robin’s advice, dismiss our ‘less than’ thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and get to a ‘more than’ place in our lives.

Recall a time when you may have experienced each of these choices.

Notice times this week when ‘less than’ shows up in your life and remind yourself that you are braver, stronger, and smarter than you think.

From our team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who are frequent messengers of Robin’s advice.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training