Human growth and development have been constant themes in our Wellness Wednesday messages. A necessary condition for our growth and development is that something different from us needs to get inside our world.
Let’s use a simple seed as an example. If the seed is never planted, its potential will never develop. But once planted, the potential of the seed begins to develop when the energy from the sun, the rain from the clouds, and the nutrients from the soil begin to enter the seed. The water, sun, and nutrients are not the seed, but they are necessary for the seed is to grow. This only happens when these elements that are different from the seed actually enter the seed.
The same is true for human beings. We can only grow and develop if we are in relationship with someone else who enters our world. Unlike a seed that has no choice as to what comes into it, human beings do have that choice. We can choose who enters into our lives. That choice is largely based on who is viewed as being safe. When we live or work in a culture of safety, we trust others and invite them into our lives.
In allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we allow what others have to offer to activate our potential. Like the sun and the rain and the soil, they bring something different necessary for us to become who we are capable of being. Like the seed, the possible becomes reality.
• How have I grown from something different someone has brought into my world?
• What difference can I bring into another person’s world?
Express gratitude this week to someone who has activated growth in you by bringing something different into your world.
Our Top 20 team is grateful for the Headlines from last week’s Wellness Wednesday sent to us by Dori and Kate from Stillpoint School in Washington:
• “Students cheer on their 83-year-old teaching volunteer as she visits the playground after a doctor’s appointment.”
• “Neighbor delivers homemade whoopie pies for a surprise ‘Whoopie, it’s Friday!’ celebration.”
• “8th grade students lead tours of the Middle School for incoming 6th graders.”
• “Students knit yarn necklaces for teachers as welcome-back-to-school gifts.”
• “Top 20 makes teachers’ week sparkle by encouraging them to look for positive headlines everywhere!”
From Top 20…Kevin Brennan, Willow Sweeney and Tom Cody…my sunlight, rain, and soil.
Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training