We’ve identified the pioneering spirit as (1) refusing to be governed by the damaging phrase, “It’s always been done this way,” and (2) willingness to leave stinking thinking behind. A third characterization of the pioneering spirit is a willingness to lean into fear and discomfort.

Although pioneers couldn’t realize all that their journey would entail, they knew that it wouldn’t be easy. Poisonous snakes, cholera and severe winter weather were certainly part of the game plan. There were no hospitals along the way where pregnant women could comfortably deliver their babies. Nonetheless, pioneers headed off in an effort to find something better.

What aspect of this pioneering spirit are we being asked to practice in 2022? What is the source of our fear or discomfort as we embark on finding something better?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Stress that comes with change.
  • The opinions of others.
  • A need to be right.
  • Hesitance to ask for help.
  • A desire to please others.
  • An overwhelming urge to control.
  • Fear of vulnerability.
  • The possibility of failure.
  • Anxiety that comes with leading and taking responsibility.
  • The lack of certainty and confidence

Fear and discomfort are real. However, pioneers remind us that something wonderful awaits once we pass through fear and discomfort and arrive on the other side. What can inspire us to lean into fear and discomfort in order to make something incredible possible for ourselves or others?

From our Top 20 team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…leaners all.

Paul Bernabei, Director
Top 20 Training