Last week we focused on the pioneering spirit that refuses to be governed by the damaging phrase, “It’s always been done this way.” Probably the most obvious aspect of pioneers is their willingness to leave one place and head towards another.

The early pioneers were told to GO WEST. What in the world did that mean? Remember, there were no daily podcasts or news channels back then showing the benefits of leaving wherever they currently were and heading off in an uncharted direction.

For pioneers like Grace Murray Hopper, leaving does not always mean a place. Grace was a thought pioneer. She left some thoughts behind and sought more effective and productive ways of thinking.

Let’s consider what can happen when we think.

Thinking –> Judgments –> Beliefs and Opinions

Our thinking sometimes leads to judgments and, in turn, judgments can become Beliefs and Opinions. If our thoughts and judgments are grounded in reality, then our Beliefs and Opinions can effectively lead us to healthy and desirable outcomes. But, as is often the case, what if our thinking is not grounded in reality, at least not completely so? Then our thinking is stinking.

Stinking Thinking –> Beliefs and Opinions –> Brain Odor

Beliefs and Opinions that stem from stinking thinking result in BOBrain Odor. It’s easy to sense this foul odor in other people’s Beliefs and Opinions, but authentic thought pioneers can detect it in their own. Real thought pioneers test their Beliefs and Opinions and get feedback from others regarding the validity of their Beliefs and Opinions. When their Beliefs and Opinions don’t pass the truth smell test, when they result in Brain Odor, thought pioneers willingly leave them behind.

Countless examples exist in human history where undetected Brain Odor resulting from decadent Beliefs and Opinions has been a cancer in society.

We can prevent that from happening in our own lives by putting a few of our own Beliefs and Opinions in the sunshine this week. Take a whiff and see if there is anything in those Beliefs or Opinions that has developed from stinking thinking. If so, we can activate our pioneer spirit and leave those behind.

From our Top 20 team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who have left a pile of Beliefs and Opinions behind us.

Paul Bernabei, Director
Top 20 Training