Pioneers were willing to embark on difficult and dangerous journeys, but they weren’t foolish. They never went alone. Their independent spirit didn’t blind them from their dependency on others. They understood the basic human need and principle: we are stronger, safer, and more likely to accomplish great things when we are together.

Sure, a pioneer scout would ride ahead of the wagon train by himself, but only to function as the eyes and ears of those who trailed behind. He was a lookout for others.

Pioneers were the ultimate team. They helped each other cross raging rivers or steep mountains and were there for each other when wheels broke or they needed to circle the wagons for protection.

One result of this team approach is that pioneers valued differences. Success depended on pioneers sharing their different talents and skills with each other. The whole benefitted from the gifts of its parts.

Consider how functioning as a team rather than alone and valuing one another’s differences significantly and positively affect the challenges we encounter in our personal and professional lives. How do we need to foster these aspects of the pioneering spirit to arrive at a new and better place?

From our Top 20 team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who have taken an incredible journey together.

Paul Bernabei, Director
Top 20 Training