At Top 20 Training we are driven by questions. The question that drives us the most is WHAT’S POSSIBLE? After years of struggling with this question, a bit of wisdom has come our way:

We don’t know what’s possible.

Imagine the Wright brothers asking that question as they tried to accomplish their dream of flying. Pondering the ‘what’s possible’ question, they likely would have concluded that flying for 12 seconds was possible. Although they would discover that they could fly 852 feet for 12 seconds, there is no way they would have imagined what was possible.

With this in mind, here’s what I would like them to know: “Orville and Wilbur, I am writing this Wellness Wednesday on a three hour and fifty-three-minute flight from Minneapolis to Seattle. That’s a total of 233 minutes or 13,980 seconds and 1,656 miles. Furthermore, there are 300 people on this flight. That’s right…300 people on the same flight.”

These brothers never could have imagined this reality or the fact that a thousand other airplanes fly similar flights every day.

Maybe there’s a more important question to ask:

What are the conditions that make what’s possible possible?

History has taught us that once we create the conditions that make something possible, then what is possible is possible. Maybe focusing on the conditions is more important in achieving what’s possible than trying to identify the results.

What’s true of technical and mechanical reality like airplanes is also true of personal and interpersonal reality. Maybe establishing the right conditions will lead to what’s possible.

  • If we valued the uniqueness and differences in each other, we might create what is possible.
  • If our political leaders listened to each other rather than blamed each other, we might achieve what is possible.
  • If we forgave those who have offended us and asked forgiveness from those we have offended, we might experience what is possible.

Previous Wellness Wednesdays have identified some of the conditions that make what’s possible possible. When people who work or live together help each other succeed, communicate ‘You matter’, honor the absent, and take responsibility for addressing problems, they establish some of the conditions that make what’s possible possible.

If we eliminate the conditions that limit possibilities and establish conditions that result in possibilities, we can experience incredible possibilities that are until now unimaginable.

  • What are the conditions you need to eliminate?
  • What are the conditions you need to establish?

Let’s not settle for 12 seconds and 852 feet when 13,980 seconds and 1,656 miles are possible.

From our Top 20 team…Kevin Brennan, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody… who for the last 20 years have established the conditions that have resulted in training 2,000,000 people throughout the United States.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training