As we focus on knowing ourselves, nothing is more impactful than messages we have received and beliefs we have formed. In positive or negative ways, they will influence our future.

Helen Keller overcame many obstacles in life, including being blind and deaf, to make incredible contributions to society. Before her teacher arrived (Ann Sullivan), young Helen was creating a very different and desolate future for herself. But Ann believed in Helen’s potential until Helen could believe it for herself. Ann’s belief transformed Helen’s life. Not only did this result in Helen’s potential flourishing, but also encouraged countless others to believe in themselves and manifest their potential

Sometimes we cannot see for ourselves the absolute radiance of our potential. We need someone to be the first believer of that potential. The message is, “I will believe in this for you until you can see it for yourself.” This is how we can develop potential in children and students.

For example, a two-year old child is not technically reading, but is showing interest in books. Knowing that interest in books will result in reading in the future, an astute parent or teacher can tell the child that she is a great reader now. We help form another’s future by what we believe about them.

The most important discovery we can make in our life

is to discover WHO WE ARE. 

The most important people we have in our life

are those who help us discover WHO WE ARE.

The most important things we can do for others

is help them discover WHO THEY ARE.


  1. How have you experienced a message from someone that resulted in you believing in yourself and your potential? What was the message?
  2. Who needs to hear a message from you that will help them believe in themselves and their potential? What might that message be?

From our Top 20 team, Willow, Tom, and Kevin, who are committed to believing in others.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training