In last week’s Wellness Wednesday, we considered the Law of Beliefs: whatever we believe is true is real for us. We introduced you to Julia Gray, a high school student who encountered numerous challenges from the time she was a little girl. In her video essay, Julia shared three major beliefs she has:

  • I am stronger than this challenge, and this challenge is making me stronger.
  • I believe that test scores do not define me.
  • I believe that I am going to succeed because I am crazy enough to think that I can.

Although her challenges were significant and could have become major roadblocks for her growth and development, Julia’s beliefs were more powerful than her roadblocks and her beliefs enabled her to thrive. Julia is an example of the Law of Conviction.

The Law of Conviction

The more I believe something to be true

the more real it is for me.

Consider the following scale. Our beliefs can be weak, moderate, or strong.

The stronger a belief is for us then the more conviction we have in that belief and the more real that belief will feel. Thus, the more power that belief will have in our life. Because Julia’s conviction was in the red zone, her positive beliefs enabled her to overcome negative conditions. The conditions she experienced didn’t become roadblocks for her. Julia has thrived because of the strong conviction she had in her beliefs. Had her beliefs been more in the weak zone, the challenging conditions she experienced would have more likely had a negative impact on her life and potential.

Why were the Wright brothers able to fly an airplane?

Why was Anne Sullivan able to teach Helen Keller and activate her potential?

Why was Nelson Mandela able to transform apartheid in South Africa?

Orville, Wilbur, Anne, and Nelson all faced insurmountable odds. In their day most people believed that what these ordinary people were trying to achieve was impossible. What enabled them to overcome their challenges was the extraordinary conviction of their beliefs.

People may someday look back and identify the power of conviction in ordinary people as the vaccine that got us through our current pandemic. Our Top 20 team works with countless teachers and educational leaders throughout America, and we have witnessed the power of their conviction throughout this challenging school year. Click HERE to see our tribute to what they have done.

From our team…Kevin Brennan, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody…who believe that those we encounter each day through our Top 20 work are going to succeed because they are crazy enough to believe they can.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training