The Gift of Others

Without a doubt, the greatest enjoyment and benefit we have experienced during our Top 20 journey has been the people we have met along the way…especially those who have shared our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of students and those who care for them.

One of these special friends is Dr. Jenny Severson. I will never forget watching Jenny train the faculty on the Rosebud reservation in Todd County, South Dakota, many years ago. As Jenny shared with them practical strategies for keeping their students engaged in learning, I could sense each teacher’s enthusiasm and desire to get back into the classroom. What I was experiencing was hope being restored.

After Jenny and her family moved out of Minnesota for a few years, they have recently returned home. We are excited that she has joined our Top 20 team and will continue to restore hope through effective practices.

Jenny and her husband Todd are the parents of three young children. Like many families, they have been experiencing the challenges from COVID 19 and this time of school at home.

Jenny and four other women educators have recently published a book entitled Thrive. Jenny authored chapters about self-care as an educator and navigating trauma…timely topics and stories during this unusual season. The book is available at All proceeds go to the Sheridan Story project to feed underserved children in Minnesota.

Jenny’s gift to us today is sharing her interview on WCCO radio. In it, you will learn about (1) the attention capacity of students, which may help you be more patient and understanding, (2) how to supports kids emotionally during this time of loss, and (3) developing gratitude and optimism.

The interview can be accessed by clicking here.

Hope you will meet Jenny at future Top 20 sessions in person or virtually. For now, you can find her on Twitter @severson_j and dr.jenny.severson on Instagram, Jenny Severson on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Best wishes from our Top 20 team: Kevin Brennan, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training