Let me introduce you to two wonderful people who make amazing things happen each day. Dori and Kate are identical twins who married identical twins. They are teachers and leaders at Stillpoint School on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington state. Kevin and I met them via a zoom training session a few years ago.

We just received the following email from these two incredible educators.

    Hi. It’s your Stillpoint fan club 😊 sharing another Top 20 success story! On Wednesday we read the Popcorn Story in the weekly Wellness Wednesday. On Thursday at school we used the message of the Popcorn Story as a springboard to help our students evaluate how they view problems and how their reaction to problems often influences the outcome.

And then… today we had our own Popcorn moment! A student was making a volcano for his Science project…
…and the closest volcano-like object we had was a beautiful school vase. He was taking it outside when he accidentally dropped the vase on the concrete, and the vase shattered.

Happily, the very first thing that came into our heads was the Popcorn Story! We asked if he was okay, then cleaned it up together. We never thought we’d use the lesson from the Popcorn Story so quickly!

We continue to be grateful every day for the weekly e-mails and for the positive impact Top 20 is making in so many lives. Thank you so much!!

            Popping with gratitude🍿🎉,
            Dori and Kate

As important as a beautiful school vase may be, it’s not as important as a young person’s growth and development. A vase and a student could both have been broken at Stillpoint School last week. Fortunately, this boy had teachers who know how to explode human potential on San Juan Island.

The details will vary but we will experience someone who ‘breaks a vase’ in the next week or two. The impact of our response will be significant. Let’s decide now if we are going to explode a person’s spirit or potential.

From our team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who often help me pick up the pieces.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training