I’m writing this week’s Wellness Wednesday after returning from a funeral. I did not know Mary, but I have known her wonderful son Steve since he was in high school 30 years ago. I attended Mary’s funeral because I wanted to express to her my appreciation for the way she raised her son and fostered special qualities in him. Hundreds of family members and friends who attended the funeral had their own reasons for wanting to express appreciation to this special woman.

When I returned from the funeral, I read an email in which a friend wrote, “I am feeling underappreciated at work.” I know how hard this person works…not just while in the office but also during evenings and weekends. I also know this friend isn’t doing these things for praise or other accolades. Nonetheless, whether in our family or work experience, when we feel appreciated it makes a huge difference in our spirit and energy each day.

Appreciation: recognition and enjoyment of someone’s good qualities. 

Appreciation focuses on who a person is and their inherent value. 

It highlights someone’s worth as a human being. 

The people who attended Mary’s funeral all shared experiences when Mary had taken the time to express appreciation to them. Mary was known for putting appreciation into action. These moments of appreciation that Mary shared clearly positively impacted people’s lives.

We can honor Mary and others like her who demonstrate appreciation and meet the needs of people like my friend who feels underappreciated. Let’s put appreciation on our daily To Do list. This appreciation can be a few words in person, on the phone, in a text or on an email. It will only take a moment of time but could have lasting effects in a person’s life. It is never too late to express appreciation…until it’s too late.

From our team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who have appreciation on their To Do List..

Paul Bernabei
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