I had a Top 20 training with teachers in Duluth, Minnesota last Thursday. I drove the 150 miles from my home in St. Paul on Wednesday afternoon. I decided to leave early enough to arrive at my motel in time to watch my favorite baseball team on TV. When I got to my room, I quickly examined the motel’s TV Guide to find the channel for the game.

The channel guide offered me an immediate invitation for a Below the Line Thought Circle: “Are you kidding me!! The motel doesn’t have the channel for my team’s game!!” I considered calling the front desk to complain or checking out and going to a different motel. That’s when common sense got activated in my brain and I decided to go for a swim in the motel’s very tiny pool.

Upon returning to my room, I turned on the TV and began clicking through the channels. That’s when I realized that the TV Channel Guide didn’t include ALL of the available channels. Although channels 20, 22-39, and 44-49 weren’t listed on the channel guide, they were available on the TV. YES! I GOT TO WATCH MY TEAM WIN A BIG GAME!!

In the grand scheme of life, this was not a big deal. However, it made me realize that assumptions I make can have a major impact on my experience. I assumed that because channels were not included on the channel guide, that they were not available on the TV…and that assumption set off a series of false beliefs and negative feelings. These beliefs and feelings could have led to not turning on the TV later and missing the experience that I desired…even though that experience was available.

Assumptions are accepted as true or as certain to happen,

without proof.

When assumptions are unexamined, they can close our mind to possibilities. They can keep us stuck in a mindset that prevent us from experiencing meaningful and beneficial results even when those desired results are available.

Failing to challenge assumptions

is a sign that far worse problems

are on their way.

Next week’s Wellness Wednesday will present a process we can use to examine our assumptions. In the meantime, consider some assumptions that you have had during this last challenging year.

From our team…Kevin Brennan, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody…who challenge my assumptions.

Paul Bernabei


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