Hello Educators,

Our team at Top 20 Training is filled with gratitude for the work, dedication, and perseverance you have shown through the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of an educator right now is more important than ever and the students that benefit from your knowledge, expertise, and heart are in need of your greatness.

As schools are releasing their return-to-school plans and schedules, we want you to know WE BELIEVE in YOU and WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Click here to watch Kevin’s reminder that we are indeed here to help.

Top 20 Training is ready to help educators prepare for the continued good work of an educator by offering the following Social-Emotional Learning options as a way to help with transition back to school for faculty, staff, and students:

  • Live, On-site Professional Development Sessions (keynote, half-day, or full day sessions) *Note: On-site sessions will require a conversation prior to booking to ensure safety for all involved.
  • Virtual Professional Development Sessions
  • Pre-recorded sessions for your use throughout the year
  • Videos for your faculty and staff
  • Videos for your students for use in class, discussions, etc.

We recognize the timely need for Social-Emotional Learning and can tailor topics to your school’s current needs and goals or our team can suggest a topic or series of topics that would be beneficial for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please let us know how we can support you in the great work of education!

Our contact information is below:
Office Phone: 651-308-4876

*As this is such a busy time of year for educators, feel free to text “Call me” to 612-805-2412 and a Top 20 Training employee will call you back.

Thanks, again, for all you do!

The Top 20 Training Team (Paul, Kevin, Willow, and Tom)