At Top 20 Training we have always valued the Power of ONE…one teacher, one principal, one student, one parent. One person can make wonderful things happen. But even more powerful is when we gather many people who become ONE. When several people all face in the same direction amazing achievements result. This phenomenon is called a team.

I experienced this last week when our team demonstrated the Power of ONE as we presented three days of Top 20 Social-Emotional concepts and strategies to 150 educators from ten different states. While I prepared to facilitate and presented these topics,

  • Gina emailed participants to provide Zoom link to access the sessions as well as handouts and other information
  • Mike prepared videos that participants could watch on their own time
  • Ron was available to answer questions about our curriculum or materials
  • Tamara helped with any technical glitches that arose
  • Sarah created poll questions and got everyone into breakout sessions
  • Jenny shared insights for keeping students engaged in learning
  • Willow and Kevin provided meaningful feedback at the end of each day
  • Tom, my facilitating partner, finished my sentences when my screen froze during our presentation

Together Everyone Achieves More because our collective power becomes ONE.

Click here to watch Sarah, our partner from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, share what’s at the heart of TEAM.

On our Top 20 team we refer to this as being each other’s panda bear. It’s what we expect and can count on from each other. Last week my nine panda bears created for me one of the most enjoyable professional experiences I have ever had.

Imagine what we could accomplish in our schools, communities, and government if becoming ONE became common practice. Our purpose at Top 20 Training is to support groups to achieve incredible results by becoming the Power of ONE.

We can take a step in that direction this week by expressing:

  • Gratitude to someone for helping us succeed
  • Appreciation to someone who brings a different gift or skill to our team

Let us know if there is anything Top 20 can do to be your panda bear.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training