Recent conditions in my life have made me focus on the importance of planning. I remember one of my father’s favorite statements: “Plan your work and work your plan.”

It’s easy each day to take one step after another after another. However, does this approach lead to our experiencing the fullness of our opportunities or to the same old same old?

One aspect I have come to realize in effective planning in my life is to consider the role of others in my plans. Who do I need in my plans to achieve all that is possible and what do I need from them? Significant benefit seems to show up in my life because others are walking with me.

My achievements alone are minor compared to when Willow, Tom, and Kevin are included in my plans. Little would have been accomplished by Top 20 had we operated as the Lone Rangers. However, working as a team, we have trained over a million educators throughout the country along with countless parents, students, and adults in various workplaces as well as writing five books, curriculum for grades K-12, and journals for staff and parents.

This resulted by including so many others in our plans, some of whom had no specific involvement in our Top 20 work. Nonetheless, they contributed something that made us better and more effective. This never would have happened had they not been included in our plans.


  • What plan do you have to make in order to accomplish your most important goals?
  • Who do you need to include in your plan that will most likely make this happen?

We at Top 20 want to support you any way we can if that would help you achieve your goals. If our training or materials can support you in your future plans for your school, workplace, family, or team, please contact us so we can help you make incredible things happen.

From our Top 20 team: Willow, Tom, and Kevin.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training