A friend just sent me an article about a woman leaving an exercise class. “Every time I go,” she said, “there’s usually this woman there name Terri. She’s 60 years old. She’s covered in tattoos. Let me tell you. Anytime the instructor says to do something really difficult that none of us want to do, Terri goes ‘Woooo!’ and it is electrifying.

“Let me tell you what that does. As a group, as a collective, when the instructor goes, ‘Burpees,’ a lot of times in other classes, we’re all like, ‘Ughhh.’ With Terri, any time she is there, it starts with Terri going, ‘Wooooo!’ And then each time the instructor says to do something more and more difficult, by the end of the class, every single person in the room, 40 of us, we all go, ‘Wooooo!’ We go into those burpees buzzing as a room like, ‘We can do this!!’

“What if we did this in our everyday life? I want to see challenges, and I want to go, ‘Wooooo!’ instead of doing something difficult and feeling disgruntled the whole time.

“Energy is contagious. So when I show up and I’m going ‘Wooooo’ to a challenge, that means it’s going to spread to the entire team. They’re not going to be disgruntled. We’re going to collectively figure this out. We are going to face a challenge and we’re going to rock everything we can out of this challenge. We could do this at work, at home, or alone. BE TERRI!”

When kids see us face challenging times with this mindset, they will be able to handle challenging things when they come their way.


  1. What is a challenge that you recently experienced?
  2. Did you ‘Wooooo’ it or did you ‘Ughh’ it?
  3. What resulted from your response?

From our Top 20 team: Willow, Tom, and Kevin, woooooers of challenges.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training