Beliefs don’t just pop into our heads. They are formed. One of the major causes for the formation of beliefs is messages that we have received. Messages come from a variety of sources: parents, teachers, peers, the media, and even ourselves. They remain outside messages until we accept them as true. At the moment that we accept a message, it becomes our belief. In a real sense, therefore, what we experience in life may have a lot to do with messages that we have received.

Mary, who attended one of our training sessions, offered a powerful example of this. While Mary was in college, a professor said to her in a condescending way, “Mary, you should go back to high school and learn how to write.” Although she didn’t return to high school, Mary accepted this message, and it became a powerful belief.

A gifted and intelligent woman, Mary eventually became an administrator for a large school district. People on her staff found her writing to be clear, concise, and creative. However, because Mary believed she was a poor writer, whenever she had to submit a written report or proposal, she would dread doing it and procrastinate.

Why was it so painfully difficult for her to complete such projects? The belief that she was not a good enough governed the experience Mary had for several years. Her struggle stemmed solely from a belief that had been formed by a simple message that had been sent by a college professor.

Once Mary became aware of this, she was able to minimize the negative impact of a single message and self-limiting belief. Writing was no longer a painful chore that needed to be avoided, but a means of expressing her talent and potential.


What messages have been sent to you that have formed:

  • A self-limiting belief
  • A potential-activating belief

From our team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who, along with me, have cleaned out a number of limiting beliefs.

Paul Bernabei, Director
Top 20 Training