Experiencing beauty and grace certainly has a different impact on us than experiencing ugliness and hatred. Whereas the human spirit wants to pull away from ugliness and hatred, we want to move toward and connect with beauty and grace.

Following last week’s Wellness Wednesday on Looking for Beauty and Grace, some of our readers sent examples of how they recently encountered beauty and grace.

Bill Churchill shares a sunset during a Delaware Bay crossing on his way home from a trip to New York.

Shannon Mohan shares the beauty of mountains, some of which she has actually climbed.

Dr. Bonita Jungels, principal of Notre Dame Academy, shares the impact of grace: “I feel wonder, awe and joy in the gift of grace. So much so that when I adopted a new puppy last summer I named her Gracie. And indeed, she is a blessing who makes me and many others smile. The gift of peace, not so much, but definitely lots of laughter and smiles!”

Beauty and grace can be manifest in nature and creatures, but they can also be manifest in what people do. Mike is my neighbor. I think of him as the mayor of our neighborhood. Mike’s always looking out for everyone and his spirit brightens the lives of people who live on our street. On Mike’s birthday recently, the students from the school across the street formed two lines through which Mike walked on his way to church while the kids sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Click HERE to watch this beautiful expression of beauty and grace.

Many of our Wellness Wednesday readers are teachers or school leaders. You may want to assign your students to go on a hunt for beauty and grace and create a school paper that reports on their findings.

Thanks to all of you for the diverse and meaningful ways by which you manifest beauty and grace.

From our Top 20 team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom.

Paul Bernabei, Director
Top 20 Training