We acknowledged in Wellness Wednesday a month ago that we don’t know what’s possible, but we can identify the conditions that make what’s possible possible.

When the following conditions are in place, we are able to achieve amazing results:

  • Commitment – persevering
  • Love – helping each other succeed and remembering to be good to each other
  • Differences – being surrounded by people who bring and value different gifts, talents and points of view
  • Dream – having a vision or belief that something is possible

Collectively, the power of these conditions removes roadblocks that limit possibility. Before we leave this topic of possibilities, let’s consider some thoughts or beliefs that prevent us from getting to the land of possibility.

I’m satisfied with the way things are: We can settle for the status quo and accept that what we are experiencing is good enough. We choose to stay in our comfort zone.

We tried this once and it didn’t work: We have the mentality that our every effort should result in instant success.

I can’t do this: We doubt that we have the potential to accomplish incredible things. We believe that we are not good enough or not smart enough.

What will other people think: We allow ourselves to be controlled by other people’s opinions…or at least what we think other people’s opinions will be.

I have to do this by myself: We are unaware that others are able to support us or help us. We may not have experienced the power of a team.

Do you recognize any of these or other roadblocks along your path? If so, can you implement one or more of the conditions above to bust through your roadblock and make something amazing possible?

From Kevin Brennan, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody, who keep removing roadblocks and creating amazing possibilities for our Top 20 clients and me.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training