Our lives can get healthier and happier if we put more movement in our dash. In an article on the value of movement, Nikki Hafner wrote: “Movement is a fundamental aspect of life. It affects everything from circulation to digestion to metabolism to immunity. The body contributes far more to our lives than just physical attributes such as strength and endurance – it plays a major role in emotions, learning, and relationships.”

I recently experienced an example of how a particular kind of movement impacted emotions. While I sat in a crowd of adults waiting for the event to begin, a family arrived with a little girl. She led her parents to their seats skipping all the way down the aisle. As she passed rows of adults, her skipping brought forth smiles on their somber faces.

Skipping communicates that something wonderful is taking place and the person skipping is delighted to be a part of it. Skipping is the body’s way of manifesting joy and excitement. A sad, angry, or bored child will not be seen skipping.

Unfortunately, skipping is rather rare. It only seems to be done by young children. I’m not sure why that is, but I think we need to put more skipping in our dash. So, let’s try it. OK, maybe not in public, but only in the privacy of our own home. Maybe it will put a bit of zest in our dash. Maybe it will put a smile on our faces. And if we were to do it in public, I’ll bet it would put a smile on someone else’s face.

From our team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…who will find skipping on our next team meeting agenda.

Paul Bernabei
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