Top 20 Training has enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with The Master Teacher for several years. A recent publication by The Master Teacher identified five commitments students need to hear from their teachers.

I am committed to having you feel that you belong here. You are a member of this class. You do not have to prove yourself, and you do not have to pretend to be someone you are not. You are accepted and valued as you are.

I am committed to your success. My goal is to help you not only believe in yourself and your potential, but also to commit to doing your best. Together we will figure out what we need to do to make sure your success is possible.

I am committed to helping you discover and develop your talents. You may know what your talents are, or you may not. You may not even be convinced that you have something special within you, but you do. We will launch this search together.

I am committed to not give up on you. You will struggle at times. You may even be tempted to give up on yourself, but I will nudge, budge, and badger you because I believe that you can do it. I may not always approve of your choices and behavior, but I will always value and believe in your potential to grow, learn, and become a better person, learner, and choice-maker.

I am committed to making every day an opportunity to begin fresh. We will have difficult days. However, when we return each day, we can have it be a new start, and together, we can make it a better day than the one before it.

It is important that students know what to expect from us, and that they experience, firsthand, the power of our commitment to them.

As we start a new school year, be sure to share whatever commitments you have for your students. Your commitments are a foundation on which you and your students will establish meaningful relationships and successful experiences.

From our team…Willow, Kevin, and Tom…committed to supporting you to make amazing things happen in your relationships and experiences.

Paul Bernabei
Top 20 Training