How do you see? We’ve been posing that question to students and adults for 20 years. By ‘see’ we mean how we think about something, our beliefs, our point of view, our perspective.

We have used the Frame as a tool to understand our perspective or how we see something.

Click here for a video that is a delightful example of how changing our perspective can change our experience.

Is there a relationship or situation in your life where using the Frame to change your perspective can provide you with a more enjoyable or more meaningful experience?

Remember, we have the power of choice. We are free to decide how we see…and that might make all the difference in the world.

Best wishes from our Top 20 team…Willow Sweeney, Tom Cody, and Kevin Brennan…who have often helped me to see differently and change my perspective.

Paul Bernabei, Director
Top 20 Training