(BLOG 16) WARMUPS and Top 20 Coaches!

Check out a quick video regarding this topic:

It is crucial that teachers remember that education is about learning, not teaching. The student should be at the core of any learning initiative. Similarly, the student-athlete has to be the sole focus and at the core in youth sports. As discussed in last week’s blog (Blog 15), youth sports are all about human development (not necessarily hockey skills or lacrosse tactics).

In this media-driven society, it is so, so easy for a coach to be seduced by the notion that the games are all about him or her. Once a coach begins to equate their own self-worth with the outcomes of the games and contests, negative outcomes usually occur. The young people tend to pay the price when an adult starts to become frustrated, angry or impatient,…and those feelings are easily detected at many youth sports contests these days.

Take a look at the video link posted above. It gives a clear example of what happens when the coach (or in this case, ex-coach!) becomes the center of attention. In order for young people to reach their potential and make a positive difference in their lives, coaches need to step off to the side and let the kids have their games back. Coaches are always going to be role models. The difference maker will be seen by which behaviors we are modeling for young people.

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