This week’s blog is very simple. Students, like adults, need to see the worth in what they’re doing, regardless of what it is. If we want students and adults to ‘buy in’ to what we’re ‘selling,’ we need to let them in on the secret. Star Qualities are the answer.

In the moments when we “Don’t Feel Like it” or “Don’t wanna do it” we just need to pause and acknowledge the Star Quality that we are going to develop by doing the things we may not feel like doing. For example, a student may not feel like trying to figure out what Shakespeare was saying/conveying in a particular Act. I get it. It’s tough. However, if you tell the student that they are going to develop the Star Quality (life skill) of perseverance and grit BY trying to figure out Shakespeare’s intentions, they’re more likely to engage and push through!

There will always be things we don’t feel like doing or don’t want to do. Let’s try finding value in those things in an effort to grow and develop!

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