Be the Trampoline???

If you have never read our materials or experienced a live training, you may be wondering what I’m referring to. A Trampoline is a way to manage our Thinking. If our thinking gets broken, or isn’t working in our best interest, we need to us Trampolines to bounce us back Above the Line and get our thinking back on track. Trampolines are thoughts we can have or activities we can do to help transform our thinking. For example, a BIG trampoline for me is spending time with my family. Another one of my trampolines is listening to records. When I spend time with my wife and children or if I carve some time out to listen to music, I find my thinking getting clearer and find myself more aware of how I want to be acting and reacting. As humans, we want to be effective more often than not. When our thinking is clear and working in our best interest, we tend to be effective more of the time.

So how can you “Be the Trampoline?” Good question. Whether or not you can tell someone is having a rough day or has dipped Below the Line, being a person that is bringing positive energy to all situations can be a trampoline to others, regardless if their thinking is broken or not. See some quick ways you can Be the Trampoline below:

  • Smile at someone
  • Offer a high five
  • Send a text or message saying something like, “hey, thinking about you,…hope you’re having a great day!”
  • Help someone succeed
  • Show someone they matter
  • Help with a chore or duty that isn’t usually yours (See the Problem, Own the Problem)
  • Hold a door open for someone
  • Say Thank You (it’s amazing hoe far that one can go!)
  • Turn a complaint into Gratitude
  • Rake someone’s yard (I get it, that’s a biggie)
  • Lead with Curiosity in the next moment of conflict or anger

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