Top 20 people develop potential in themselves and others.

What is potential?

Potential is a power inside each person that waits and waits and waits to get activated and, when it does, comes out to make a positive difference in the quality of his or her life, relationships, and experiences.

Furthermore, when potential develops in an individual, it makes a difference in the lives of other people as well. Potential, quite simply, is a power inside each person that wants to come out and make a positive difference in his or her life.

What happens to that potential?

For some people, nothing happens to it. Although they have potential, it never get activated, its’ not developing, and all of our training talks about reasons why that happens. For others, their potential develops at a normal rate. These people are doing okay. We call folks in these two groups the Bottom 80. But for people in a third group, their potential explodes. Their potential develops at an accelerated rate. They are the Top 20.

What makes the difference between Top 20 and Bottom 80s?

When we operate as a Top 20 person, we think, learn, and communicate, or TLC, in highly effective ways. When we operate as bottom 80s, our thinking, learning, and communicating is highly ineffective. In a real sense, each person is a Top 20. At times each person thinks, learns, and communicates in highly effective ways. Likewise, each person is a bottom 80 who, at times, thinks, learns, and communicates in highly ineffective ways.

Consequently, when we use this Top 20 and Bottom 80 language, we are not comparing ourselves to other people. It’s simply a way of our understanding these two dimensions about ourselves: a Top 20 dimension when we TLC in highly effective ways and a Bottom 80 dimension when we TLC in highly ineffective ways.

The purpose of all Top 20 training and materials is to help people become aware of Top 20 and Bottom 80 ways of thinking, learning and communicating. We will all, at times, operate in Bottom 80 ineffective ways. However, with that awareness we can more quickly move back in the Top 20 direction and choose more effective ways of thinking, learning, and communicating.