Hello Educators! We continue with our sharing of Mr. Bowlin’s work from Saint Mark’s School in St. Paul, MN. Today’s entry is in the form of an image that can aid an educator’s work helping students find success when dealing with adversity and confusion in the classroom (or in the halls and outside the walls of the school).

Remember, confusion is a natural and necessary part of all learning. Far too often educators forget to let students in on that secret. The image above is a great way to help students visualize the climb to understanding and learning.

Guess what students, learning isn’t supposed to be easy. When you grapple with content, you grow. Those moments of confusion don’t feel great and can create feelings of Not Good Enough,…but it’s in those moments where students and adults need to dig deep and keep climbing!!!

Thanks to Mr. Bowlin for sharing the image with us and we, in turn, share it with all of you!

Keep up the great work Mr. Bowlin!