Top 20 Schools

What are the program benefits?

Some of the expected benefits include a more positive school culture, increased student engagement in learning, an ability to learn from mistakes, and a decrease in boredom, procrastination and self-doubt. Read full list here.

How will the Top 20 Team support the program?

Throughout this 3-year program, some example of the type of support a Top 20 School would receive includes: consulting with the schools leadership team, materials for parents, training of all school personnel, retreats, and access to online forum for sharing ideas with other schools. Read the full list here.

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To learn more about the process of becoming a Top 20 School, please contact us. One of our Senior Facilitators will help you and your leadership team draw up a unique plan for your school.

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A resource for how your school can best succeed with this program by sharing ideas with other schools also engaged in the process. This is a place to share successes, mistakes, ideas, and solutions. It is moderated by the Top 20 Team. Also check out our Q & A page if you have specific questions.

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