(Blog #2) Living Top 20 means to be the best version of yourself, to live up to your potential by eliminating roadblocks, and to make a positive difference in your own life and in the lives of others. Is Living Top 20 worth the effort? Complaining, blaming and waiting for other people to change are dysfunctional habits that lead nowhere. It’s going to take a little awareness, commitment and effort to hang out in the Top 20 stratosphere, but it’ll be worth the investment! There are three major reasons that this lifestyle will pay off for you.


It’s neither a good nor bad thing to operate as a Top 20 or a Bottom 80. It’s just a life thing, a human thing. However, there’s a big difference between always and sometimes. Where you think most of the time is where you live. Some people learn how to live Top 20 even when external conditions aren’t favorable.

Mental Habits like boredom, procrastination, blaming, complaining, and negativity do not develop by accident. We practice these habits and hone these skills over time. Did you brush your teeth left or right handed this morning? Whatever you chose, you did it by habit. It is a Mental Habit to Live Top 20 or Bottom 80. A moment of negativity is no big deal, but a habit of negativity is a huge deal.

Oddly enough, when Top 20s visit this dark side of life, they tend to:

  • have an awareness of being B80.
  • take responsibility for being B80.
  • develop skills to change their state of mind when they are B80.
  • don’t take their B80 thinking at face value.

It’s really this simple. Wherever we hang out, we develop habits. Be aware of these habits because they will eventually define you.