(Blog 3) Living Top 20 means to be the best version of yourself, to live up to your potential by eliminating roadblocks, and to make a positive difference in your own life and in the lives of others. Is Living Top 20 worth the effort? Complaining, blaming and waiting for other people to change are dysfunctional habits that lead nowhere. It’s going to take a little awareness, commitment and effort to hang out in the Top 20 stratosphere, but it’ll be worth the investment! There are three major reasons that this lifestyle will pay off for you.


When people are thinking T20 or B80, they will see everything differently: their family, friends, classmates, co-workers and other activities. When children are operating as a T20 or B80, they will see their siblings and parents differently.

If you are not aware of this concept or if you forget the impact that thinking has on your experience, it will look like it’s the event that is the sole source of whatever you are feeling or experiencing. Remember the outside event is only a small part of your experience but the much bigger source is your inside reality.

Let’s prove it. Think of a family member. Imagine that your thinking is working in your best interest, you are in your T20 mode. Describe that person mentally (generous, clever). Now think of that same person again, but through your B80 lens. I’ll wager that you see this person differently (selfish, manipulative).

When you realize whether you are operating as a B80 OR T20, you are accepting responsibility to maintain the power you have to lead, direct and create your own life. Awareness cures. With awareness you can make things better; without it you can’t. It is easier to change your attitude than it is to change your outside life (parents, teachers, boss), but if you change your state of mind you will change the experience you have in life.

So you can invest your time, efforts and energy into changing the weather, changing your in-laws…or you can realize that much of your reality is being formed in the six-inch space between your ears! Change your thinking, change your life.