The Top 20 Schools Program Details

What challenges are addressed at your school?

  • How can we become more effective parents and educators in the 21st century?
  • How can we create an effective and healthy school culture?
  • How can we keep students engaged in learning?

How will the Top 20 Team support the program?

Throughout this 3-year program, All Top 20 Schools receive the following:

  • Support to the school’s leadership team, including yearly assessments for determining the effectiveness of the program and the development of a yearly plan for implementation.
  • Materials for supporting parents in knowing what students are learning and how to implement Top 20 Strategies at home
  • Professional training of all school personnel
  • Ongoing consultation with a Top 20 senior Facilitator
  • Access to all Top 20 books, curriculum and resources
  • Student retreats for grades 5-12: Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves
  • Parent Journals covering all twenty Top 20 concepts and strategies to help parents implement at home
  • Access to Top 20’s online portal that connects Top 20 Schools educators from throughout the country to learn from each other’s experiences and share best practices.

What are the Program Benefits?

Increase in:

Awareness of self and others
A more positive school culture
Responsibility and other Star Qualities
Student engagement in learning
Effective conflict resolution
Learning from mistakes and failure
Celebrating confusion

Decrease in:

Roadblocks to learning
Boredom, procrastination, self-doubt
Fear of other peoples’ opinions
Negativity: Thought circles and social tornadoes
Dishonoring the absent
Avoiding responding to problems
Students feeling disconnected

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