Students who are engaged possess the power to make a positive difference in their lives. This power stems from their thinking, which impacts the positive and negative ways they experience school, relationships and other life experiences. Consequently, it is by being aware of their thinking that they discover the power of choice.

Top 20 Training has provided thousands of teachers throughout the country with a practical tool to help students become aware of their thinking and discover the power of choice. Elementary, middle and high school teachers are using Above and Below the Line to awaken students to their thinking and their ability to make better decisions.

In doing so, they are providing students with the ability to develop positive mental habits (curiosity, motivation, focus and persistence) and eliminate negative mental habits (blame, procrastination, boredom and self-doubt) from their lives. Fueled by positive mental habits, students take more responsibility in leading their lives in a healthier and more productive direction.

In the process of becoming aware of their thinking, they also discover when their thinking is not working in their best interest. At times that awareness alone helps them put on the brakes and avoid the messes that often come from poor decisions. By understanding when they are Above or Below the Line, students discover their ability to be authors of their lives rather than characters in someone else’s story. By being able to govern their thinking, they are able to govern their experiences.

Although all students benefit from this awareness of thinking, it is particularly helpful to young people who have seemingly given up hope. Hopeless and discouraged youth are prime candidates to disengage, which often has a lasting negative impact on their experiences in school, relationships and life. However, when empowered by the realization that their thinking makes a difference in their lives, the rediscovery of the power of choice encourages them to once again ‘show up’ and engage.
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