Top 20 teens are aware of the messages they receive and the beliefs that form from these messages. Lauren, a high school freshman, is a great example of this. Here’s what she shared with her TLC teachers.

“Throughout eighth grade I had to deal with two boys continually calling me names and cracking fat jokes. At first I could blow it off easily, but after awhile it got to the point where I heard it every day. It got embedded in my mind and became unhealthy. Their message became a very strong belief. I wasn’t taking the right way out of this situation. I was giving them the power.”

What happened to Lauren is not unusual. It’s common for young people to be affected by what others say about them. Unknowingly, these messages can become false beliefs which cause much damage and unhappiness. Lauren used what she was learning in TLC class to tame her false belief. (See the Law of Conviction and Ease Up in Top 20 Teens, p. 36-37.)

“I was a straight ten on this belief,” wrote Lauren. “I took a trip down to a six. I couldn’t believe how much happier I was. When I stopped constantly judging myself and thinking I’d never be good enough, I had time to be just plain happy. I’m still struggling with my self acceptance and appearance, but I’m trying my hardest to Ease Up even more.”

How did Lauren lower her conviction of this damaging false belief? Here’s what she did in order to “ease up”:
1. She stopped looking in mirrors so much.
2. She stopped reading beauty magazines.
3. She stopped comparing herself to other girls, especially famous ones.
4. She stopped wishing she’d change instantly.
5. She stopped wasting her happy days on hating her appearance.

Lauren used the TLC power within her to make a positive difference in her life. In doing so she left the land of the Bottom 80 and took up permanent residency in the Top 20.