Creating a Culture of Learning


Top 20 Training has partnered with The Master Teacher to create turn-key workshops that will help you create a culture of learning in your school!


Each workshop features activities and video clips by Top 20 Training facilitators Paul Bernabei, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody. They share stories, examples, and experiences that enhance teachers’ understanding of the topic.

In this module, participants will:

  • Realize the importance of creating a culture of safety and trust in order to develop the potential of students and staff.
  • Identify four components that create a healthy and effective school culture.
  • Be able to assess the degree to which these components are present in a culture.

Each turn-key workshop contains:

  • Pre-session and planning materials: Scheduling and planning resources and forms save you valuable preparation time.
  • Presentation materials: Customizable PowerPoint presentations, anticipated questions with suggested responses, and attendee activities and handouts help engage learners and support you during your workshop.
  • Post-session materials: Follow-up and extension activities help keep learning continuous—long after the session ends.

Workshop Length: 2 hours