Top 20 Teens (3rd Edition)


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Discovering the Best-Kept Thinking, Learning, and Communicating Secrets of Successful Teenagers

WARNING: Buying this book could result in you making a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others!

All teens have the potential to become difference makers, to create meaningful and successful experiences for themselves and others. However, not all teens are aware that they have this power! That’s where this book comes in handy.

Developed by a team of students, parents and educators, Top 20 Teens presents the Thinking, Learning and Communicating skills of the effective difference makers. By applying the skills in your personal relationships and school experiences, you can become the author of your life’s story rather than being just a character in it.

“It has become clear to me after 30 years of education that a real key to success in life is how young people look at themselves, others and the world around them. There is no question in my mind that the principles in this book provide this opportunity for every single student. Top 20 Teens truly raises the probability of success for young people. I have seen this work for students in our school and I endorse it wholeheartedly.”
– Richard, Principal

“If you have a teenager, read this book. If you have two…read it twice.”
– Sharon, Parent

“I wasn’t always a big fan of school, but I can honestly say that I now have a better way of living and studying by applying the Top 20 skills.”
– Michael, Student

Table of Contents

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Self-Smart: Thinking

  • An Inside Job
  • Do You See, or Are You Blind?
  • Beliefs: Fact or Fiction?
  • Above & Below the Line
  • Eliminating Thought Circles
  • The Influence of Messages
  • Learning from Our Mistakes
  • Growing through Risk
School-Smart: Learning

  • What’s in It for Me?
  • Roadblocks to Success
  • Levels of Listening
  • Realizations: In The Moment &
    After The Fact
  • Organization for Success
  • Missing the Boat
  • Goals: Bettering Your Best
  • School Skills
People-Smart: Communicating

  • Building Your Trust Fund
  • “But I Didn’t Say Anything!”
  • Tornadoes of Negativity
  • Responding to Hits
  • Heart-to-Heart Conflict Resolution
  • Instant Replay
  • Feedback: Staying on Course
  • Leadership: Creating Value
    for Others
  • Becoming: Quest for True Self