Say, “Maybe.”

A recently retired judge said that after years of practicing law that one of the biggest things that stood out in his mind was that eyewitnesses are very unreliable. Interesting take away don’t you think? What does that have to do with saying “Maybe?”

When we make a judgment about another person or a situation, in a sense, we are building a brick wall. That wall can prevent us from learning further in that moment and that wall can often prevent us from moving forward in that situation or with that person. Think about how often you have made snap judgments about a student or colleague. Sure, there were bits of fact that supported your judgment, but there was also the very large influence of how you SAW the situation to begin with. How you SEE a situation plays a huge role in not only the way you think in the situation, but also in the outcomes. Let me be clear, judgments aren’t always a bad thing. We need to make judgments if we’re living on this planet. However, when we make a judgment that creates a brick wall, we run the risk of not SEEing more or differently.

Our suggestion is easy. Say, “Maybe.” When you feel the need to make a judgment about a person or situation, go ahead and make that judgment, but accompany it with a “Maybe” and watch how much more it can unlock in you and the potential of that situation.

Give it a try; say “Maybe.”

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