Our last day was one of the best days. We finally got to do trainings with the faculty. E covered Living Above the Line in the morning with the elementary staff. They loved it; an immediate connection was formed with the K-5th people who carry the belief that children are humans first, learners second. We had a break in the morning, watched downpours flood the school grounds, did some work, and then said some good byes to some of our favorite people.

The afternoon session was three hours with middle/high school staff. We did a review with them of key terms from Living Above the Line, Building Positive Culture, and Learning from Mistakes. They will try to apply these key words in lessons throughout the year. We then taught them The Frame (not much response to pig story, perhaps cultural barrier there!) and had them develop their teaching purpose. We had a reception after the trainings and had a chance to visit with the teachers. Email addresses were passed around so we can stay in touch.

We had dinner on the ocean again. We’re off to one last early morning walk to school

for a workout and quick farewells, then off to what can only be described as a zany, whacky Dakar airport. From there we’re hopefully off to JFK, then to MSP, but we are putting our faith in Allah & Delta to get it done.

This Blog entry was written by Tom Cody of Top 20 Training.