Hit the road early with Eric & Jody, their daughter Jack and her friend Callie. No AC on this journey south and we hit major traffic heading out of town for the Tabaski holiday weekend (Only and INVITATION). In the midst of the Wall to wall traffic we saw lots of African culture to behold. There were mega sheep on roofs of buses and cars,…these sheep/goats have no idea that this next day they are headed to mosque as sacrifice to Allah.

Went to Bandia Nature Preserve at 10am. Our guide named Popp took us in a Jeep pickup through muddy roads to see:

Zebras? Check

Warthogs” Check

Giraffes? Check check & check (my personal fave, now my screen saver)

Elands? Check

Ostriches? Oh yeah

African Buffaloes? Check

Monkeys? Yes

Of course we got stuck in mud and had to pile out and push (maybe the highlight of the day!) We also found Rhino tracks (this is a big deal, to locate the Rhino…similar to seeing Denali Peak in Alaska!). Popp got the scent and tracked down the big beast. It was an amazing morning in the savannah biome, For lunch, in keeping with my cannon ball dive spirit, I ignored the wood-fired pizza and did another Anthony Bourdain move: skewered zebu (some sort of African cow) with vegetables,… amazing spices on this critter. I cannot understand why I am not sick yet.

We then drove another half hour to Cameroon resort near Samone, Senegal on Saly Beach. White sand, opulent resort full of white people. All inclusive with wristband: meals, drinks (no DIET COKE HERE? WHAT THE…?) There are two pools and one very large, warm ocean (Atlantic).  I am looking forward to a full day of doing nothing on Sunday here.

Again, the disparity strikes me. We are in the most luxurious possible resort…not a half kilo from here are poor villagers with little or nothing.  I tipped my porter $3 US and he wanted to be my friend for life.

This Blog entry was written by Tom Cody of Top 20 Training.