Training: June 25-27, 2019 Any 1 Day. Answering the Challenging Questions of American Educators


June 25-27th seminar from 9am-4:00pm each day at a cost of $250 for any 1 day. (If more than 3 persons from the same school attend, the registration fee for each individual after 3 is $170 for any one day. Check store to find this $170 offer for 3 or more after the first 3 are paid here).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you check out and pay, please include the NAMES OF THE PARTICIPANTS that you anticipate attending in “Order Notes” listed just below “Additional Information” on the check out page where billing details are provided. THANK YOU! It is helpful for our staff to have a list of attendees in advance when possible for table name tent cards etc.

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Top 20 Teacher Training is a one-a-kind emotional intelligence program that trains teachers to help students and adults awaken their power to develop their potential and the potential of others. By becoming aware of easily understood and readily applicable concepts, people of all ages are able to make choices that make a positive difference in their lives, relationships, and experiences. Join educators for 1, 2, or 3 days packed with insights and practical strategies for responding to these challenging questions listed below and make next school year more rewarding and productive for students, staff and yourself.

June 25:         How Can We Be Effective Teachers in the 21st Century?  What do we need to be aware of as educators that will help us be more effective in both our personal and professional lives? We will consider how to: (1) think effectively by living Above the Line, (2) see things differently by using the Frame, (3) keep the main thing the main thing, and (4) develop the new 3Rs for 21st century students.

June 26:       How Can We Engage Disengaged Students?  What are the root causes of student disengagement and what we can do about it? We will focus on: (1) helping students learn from mistakes and failure, (2) classroom processes that engage students, (3) keeping curiosity alive by celebrating confusion, (4) teaching students how to focus and listen in the zone, and (5) fostering the belief in all students that they are intelligent.

June 27:       How Can We Create an Effective and Healthy School Culture?  How can we create a culture that fosters learning, teamwork, and the development of potential? This day includes: (1) two ways negativity enters the workplace, (2) four cornerstones of a highly functional culture, (3) effective conflict resolution strategies, and (4) the necessity of giving and getting feedback effectively.

June 25-27     9:00-4:00

St. Mary’s University Twin Cities Campus
University Center
2540 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our Mission

Top 20’s primary goal is to revolutionize education in America by helping students become more engaged in school and providing teachers with a new way of seeing themselves as relevant educators in the 21st century.

In addition, because it uses common language, easily understood concepts and practical tools for dealing with everyday situations and problems, Top 20 can have a profoundly positive effect on any organization, from business to government to healthcare, enhancing relationships and experiences for all.

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