Top 20 Teachers and Students Learn From Mistakes


Top 20 Training has partnered with The Master Teacher to create turn-key workshops that will help you create a culture of learning in your school!


Each workshop, which is just over an hour in length, features activities and video clips by Top 20 Training facilitators Paul Bernabei, Willow Sweeney, and Tom Cody. They share stories, examples, and experiences that enhance teachers’ understanding of the topic.

In this module, participants will:

  • Identify beliefs that they and their students have about themselves as mistake makers.
  • Understand how fear regarding mistake making keeps students in their comfort zone.
  • Have strategies for valuing mistakes.

Each turn-key workshop contains:

  • Pre-session and planning materials: Scheduling and planning resources and forms save you valuable preparation time.
  • Presentation materials: Customizable PowerPoint presentations, anticipated questions with suggested responses, and attendee activities and handouts help engage learners and support you during your workshop.
  • Post-session materials: Follow-up and extension activities help keep learning continuous—long after the session ends.

Workshop Length: 1.25 hours


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Our Mission

Top 20’s primary goal is to revolutionize education in America by helping students become more engaged in school and providing teachers with a new way of seeing themselves as relevant educators in the 21st century.

In addition, because it uses common language, easily understood concepts and practical tools for dealing with everyday situations and problems, Top 20 can have a profoundly positive effect on any organization, from business to government to healthcare, enhancing relationships and experiences for all.

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