K-6 Interactive Curriculum: (F) – Fifth Grade


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This SMART Board Curriculum is a program designed to help students expand their learning habits while minimizing negative mental habits. Each grade level follows the same calendar, covering nine Top 20 topics, so that multiple grades can learn topics at the same time. Thinking, Learning, and Communicating (TLC) skills help students discover the power they have within themselves to develop their potential and make choices that enhance the quality of their lives, relationships, and experiences. Click here if you wish to see the full brochure displayed on the Master Teacher web site.


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Top 20’s primary goal is to revolutionize education in America by helping students become more engaged in school and providing teachers with a new way of seeing themselves as relevant educators in the 21st century.

In addition, because it uses common language, easily understood concepts and practical tools for dealing with everyday situations and problems, Top 20 can have a profoundly positive effect on any organization, from business to government to healthcare, enhancing relationships and experiences for all.

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