Becoming a Top 20 School Parent Journal – SPANISH EDITION (100 copies)


Becoming a Top 20 School Parent Journal explains 20 Top 20 principles and strategies to be implemented into a family or school. Each chapter includes questions so parents can reflect on how each principle and strategy can be used at home.

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The process of Becoming a Top 20 School consists of our individual journeys and the collective journey of each member of our school community. The purpose of this journal is to support each parent’s individual journey by explaining the Top 20 principles and practices with home and family examples. Personal reflection questions are provided to work toward supporting the goals of becoming a Top 20 School.

This journal is personalized with your school’s name at no additional cost. In the comment section, please type your school name the way you would like it to appear on the cover page. Depending on the length of your school name we may use two lines so it is balanced in the space available.

Our Mission

Top 20’s primary goal is to revolutionize education in America by helping students become more engaged in school and providing teachers with a new way of seeing themselves as relevant educators in the 21st century.

In addition, because it uses common language, easily understood concepts and practical tools for dealing with everyday situations and problems, Top 20 can have a profoundly positive effect on any organization, from business to government to healthcare, enhancing relationships and experiences for all.

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