This week’s Top 20 video and blog takes a new look at an old problem. Students routinely complain about homework, or more specifically how long it takes to do their homework. Sometimes the problem isn’t the homework assignments…but the distractions of the students’ ‘study’ environments.

In order to become more efficient and do a better job on homework, students need to reframe the whole process. Top 20 teachers help students by guiding them toward trying a new, more intentional approach to their homework, using Power Hour.

First, students should set aside one solid hour to tackle their assignments. Next, they should choose a study-friendly environment, one without music, television, snacks, pets or cell phone chats. They should start their work session with the ‘worst’ subject or the toughest assignment.

Give a look and listen to Tom Cody, a veteran of forty years in the classroom, as he gives you a brief outline of Power Hour!

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