Parent Training

Top 20’s Support of Parents in 2022

From Top 20’s beginning, we have sought ways to support parents in their crucial responsibility of raising their children. Parents and kids alike are facing unprecedented levels of stress, uncertainty, and isolation. Juggling work, parenting, and schooling is not easy. Now, more than ever, parents deserve evidence-based support, affirmation, and concrete strategies that build family connection and resilience.

Spark and Stitch Institute

Top 20 Training is partnering with Dr. Dave and Erin Walsh of Spark and Stitch Institute. For many years Dave and Erin have provided parents with important and helpful information for understanding youth and effective strategies for parenting during these challenging times. Top 20 Training is thrilled to offer Spark and Stitch Institute’s library of self-paced online classes to parents and schools. We can now deliver the latest insights from brain science along with practical strategies to reduce power struggles and build family connections when kids need it most.


Below you will find information about the class options and how parents can enroll individually in the online courses. This link also provides an overview of the classes offered and gives more specifics on how they are designed to meet your parenting needs.


Highlights – This course covers ways to help your child take advantage of opportunities online while avoiding risks. COVID-19 means that kids are spending more and more time online. Many schools are handing kids a tablet or laptop without a parenting guide to go with it! You deserve evidence-based resources, not fear-based soundbites, as you navigate escalating screen time challenges. This self-paced online class cuts through conflicting information and delivers the essential parenting strategies for your child’s digital wellbeing.

Participants: Best for parents of kids ages 8-16. Includes three modules (sparks) with three months access after registration.  $45 for individuals/family.


Spark 1: Connect & Communicate
An introduction to being your child’s digital mentor.
Communicating and coaching through digital challenges.

Spark 2: Rest & Rejuvenate
Prioritizing sleep, down time, reflection, movement, and rest.  
Setting goals and changing habits.

Spark 3: Focus & Fire Up
Helping children build their focused attention.
Managing multitasking.
Practicing mindful media habits.

Sign up here at Spark & Stitch Institute and get started today! Use code TOP20 for 10% off.


Highlights – Parenting teenagers isn’t easy. The pandemic is especially difficult for teenagers, whose job it is to gain independence and spend time with friends. Supporting teenagers and staying connected during this time is essential for their mental health and wellbeing. This self-paced online class delivers the latest insight about the adolescent brain along with practical parenting strategies that reduce power struggles and build connection between you and your teen or soon-to-be-teen. 

Participants: Best for parents of kids ages 8-18. Includes six modules (sparks) with six months access after registration. $89 for individuals/family.


Modules or “Sparks”

Spark 1: Why do they act that way?
Touring the construction zones in the teenage brain
The emotional gas pedal is pressed to the floor
Risk taking, dopamine and the teenage brain

Spark 2: Loosen but don’t let go – Staying connected to your teen
– Why Your Teen Still Needs You (Even If They Won’t Admit It)
– Tips and Tricks for Getting Creative With Connection

Spark 3: Setting limits and avoiding power struggles
It’s Your Teen’s Job to Push Against the Limits; It’s Your Job To Set Them
– Communication and the Teenage Brain

Spark 4: Managing emotions, stress, and mental health
It’s Not Your Job to Rescue Your Teen from Their Feelings
Stress and Your Teen’s Brain

Spark 5: Independence vs. guidance – What’s the right balance
– How to Help Your Teenager Set Goals and Reach Them
– The Turn Towards Friends: Identity, Drama, and Support

Spark 6: Raising a teen requires community
– Helping Your Teen Find Their Purpose
– You Can’t Do This Alone

Sign up here at Spark & Stitch Institute and get started today! Use code TOP20 for 10% off.


Highlights – Setting limits and avoiding power struggles is a challenging part of parenting. Parenting in a pandemic means that many are experiencing increased conflict and escalating stress. This self-paced online class will help you clarify your priorities, build a stronger toolkit, and set the warm boundaries that kids need right now to stay calm and connected.

Participants: Best for parents of kids ages 2-10. Includes three modules (sparks) with three months access after registration. $45 for individuals.


Modules or “Sparks”

Spark 1: Why Your Child Needs Limits
– Why it is hard to say no
Why setting limits helps children develop emotional regulation
Unpacking your parenting approach

Spark 2: How to Set Them
Connection assessment
The strategy of limits and consequences
Emotion coaching and handling big feelings

Spark 3: Troubleshooting
When yelling takes over
– What to do when consequences don’t work
– Navigating differences in parenting styles

Sign up here at Spark & Stitch Institute and get started today! Use code TOP20 for 10% off.

For Principals and Schools

Below you will find information on how to purchase licenses for your school or group. This link will provide you with an overview of the class design and offerings.

Group licenses for schools and groups

We are excited to be able to offer group licenses that allow schools to bring support, insight, and strategies to their community so parents can better navigate:

  • Screen time challenges and raising positive digital citizens, 
  • Staying connected to teenagers,
  • Setting limits and avoiding power struggles.

Group licenses allow parents across an organization or school to participate in the course at the same time and engage in discussions and community building. We know that families have competing demands for time and attention so these online classes are designed to fit into busy lives.

Once you have decided on your license size and implementation plan, Spark & Stitch Institute will provide you with ready-made and easy-to-customize promotional materials including logos, email templates, and more! 

Want to bring an online class to your school or community?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the group license form from our partner Spark & Stitch Institute.
  2. Spark & Stitch will get in touch with you to learn more about your needs.
  3. Agree on scope, pricing, and a supported implementation plan!
  4. Build parent capabilities and strengthen your partnership with parents.
Group estimates and tiered pricing per person/license

Group License Tiered Pricing ($/license*)

We are able to offer group licenses on a tiered pricing model, meaning that you can engage larger groups at a lower price per household. We are all partners in children’s success and education. Spark & Stitch Institute is committed to working with schools and groups to create packages that work for you!

# of Licenses                       CONNECTED and SYTN                     Why Do They Act That Way

6 – 25                                       $30                                                                  $60                             

26 – 99                                     $25                                                                  $50

100 – 249                                 $20                                                                  $40

250 – 499                                 $15                                                                  $30

500+                                        $10                                                                  $20


“This is the teen class that I wished for, full of simply presented insight into the teen brain geared towards a better (and happier!) way to parent through connection. Dr. Walsh and Erin present real (not idealized) techniques. They recognize that there will be bumps and bruises along the way and offer guidelines to help identify when typical behaviors & emotions cross over into concerning ones. It is clear that they have a real passion for helping parents and a deep affection for teens.” – Naomi, Parent


“I appreciate how you offer reflection questions about parenting worries and fears that may be driving us to react rather than respond to the challenges of parenting technology. And I love the scenarios and language/step examples for mentoring kids through common requests… I think this all really normalizes the struggles we face and shows there is no one way, even within the role of “mentor” to get it (mostly) right.”  – Sarah, Parent


How do I take advantage of this opportunity?

For parents registering as an individual/household: You can get started right away! Simply follow the link below the course you are most interested in to learn more at the Spark & Stitch website and get started today. Remember to use the promo code TOP20 for 10% off the classes. 

For school and community leaders: There are two primary ways you can bring these parenting solutions to your community:

  1. Share. Forward this page on to parents! Encourage them to enroll and enjoy flexible learning and support right away. 
  2. Invest. Build knowledge, capacity and connection across your community and ensure that parent support is accessible to all. Learn more about group licenses available through Top 20 in section above.
What is a self-paced online class?

Prepare for flexible learning! Self-paced means that parents don’t need to show up at a specific time to take advantage of this class. Instead, they can watch the short videos and work through the practical downloads on their own schedule. Parents might choose to squeeze them in during the day or watch them late at night. It’s up to you. Parents can also come back to the content when they need it most.

Who is Spark & Stitch Institute?

A primary principle our Top 20 team tries to live by is see the problem, own the problem. Although our primary work has been with students and educators, our mission has also focused on supporting parents. The challenges all parents face have become more complex and difficult in 2020. How can we own this problem?

Fortunately, we have had a close personal and professional relationship for many years with Dr. Dave Walsh, an award-winning psychologist, best-selling author, and international speaker. In 1995, Dave founded the internationally renowned National Institute on Media and the Family. In 2011 he founded Mind Positive Parenting to translate cutting edge brain science to everyday practice for parents and teachers. Recently Dave and his daughter Erin have begun Spark & Stitch Institute, an initiative to help parents connect with their children so young people can thrive in the digital age. We don’t know anyone who has done more to understand and respond to the challenges parents face in the 21st century than Dave and Erin Walsh.

Top 20 Training is delighted to partner with Spark & Stitch Institute to support parents and educational leaders in addressing these challenges.

How much does this cost?

Parents can get started right away for either $45 or $89 depending upon the class that they choose. A 10% discount is available when using the Top 20 code.

We are able to offer group licenses on a tiered pricing model, meaning that you can engage larger groups at a lower price per household. We are all partners in children’s success and education. Spark & Stitch Institute is committed to working with schools and groups to create packages that work for you!

If I have questions, who should I talk to?

Our partners at Spark & Stitch Institute will be happy to answer your questions about these online parenting classes. Connect with Spark & Stitch at