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Top 20 began 20 years ago by teaching a class called TLC (Thinking, Learning, and Communicating) to high school freshmen. These students immediately asked us to share Top 20 concepts and strategies with their parents. From our beginning, we have sought ways to support parents in their crucial responsibility of raising their children.

Spark and Stitch Institute

Top 20 is continuing in this effort by partnering with Dr. Dave and Erin Walsh of Spark and Stitch Institute. For many years Dave and Erin have provided parents with important and helpful information for understanding adolescence and effective strategies for parenting teens during these challenging times. This information and these strategies are now available here.

1. CHECK BACK FOR THE NEXT FREE WEBINAR offered regarding: The Three Common Beliefs about Teenagers That Can Derail Your Relationship & How to Get Back on Track

This webinar will cover:                                                                                                                

1. The three commonly held beliefs that negatively impact how we perceive and parent teenagers.
2. Cutting edge brain science to help you reframe these beliefs and transform your parenting.                                                                        
3. Why your teenager needs you (even if they would never tell you that).

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We currently have two discount offfers:

1) You can get 20% off the price for the course by using promo code TOP20 at checkout for the discount. For individuals, the full price is $195. With the TOP20 discount code it becomes $156.

2) Or take advantage of our “book club” option. Love online learning but want to process with a group of friends who know you and your teen? Want to host discussions with other parents at your child’s school? Find friends and go through the class at the same time. As a “book club” organizer you will get:

1. Bonus book club quick start guide to get the most out the experience.
2. Discounted rate of $100 a person once you have organized a book club of six or more participants. That’s almost 50% off the full price! 
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