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School Culture: Reduce Negativity and Create a Positive Learning Environment.




Top 20s Reduce Negativity: Eliminating Thought Circles and Tornadoes


Beware of Tornadoes: The Power of Social Influence towards Negativity


  1. Beware of Tornadoes:


                  Watch: knowing where conditions are right for producing Tornadoes.


                  Warning: the first sign of a Tornado occurs when a negative statement is made or                                                                someone not present is mentioned in a negative way.


                  Touchdown: you are pulled in and become a participant.


  1. Protection from Tornadoes: A. Identify the Tornado as such
  2. Listen without taking it to heart
  3. Respond by saying, “I hear you”
  4. Switch to a positive topic
  5. Leave the scene


  1. What am I left with after I’ve been in a Tornado? What do I feel inside?



  1. What am I experiencing internally that makes me susceptible to Tornadoes?




Top 20s Create a Culture of Safety and Trust


4 Components of an Effective and Healthy Culture:


  1. Job #1: Help Others Succeed


How could I help others succeed in ways that I am not currently doing?



  1. Communicate ‘You Matter’


  1. Listen to understand.


  1. Value differences.


  1. Practice 4-at-the-Door: Name-Name





How do I specifically communicate “You matter”?


How do I communicate “You don’t matter”?



  1. Honor the Absent


                  Honor the Absent: Speak well of those who are not present.


                  Dishonor the Absent: Speak negatively of those who are not present.


  1. Be a Problem Solver, Not a Problem Namer


  1. Keep My Lake Clean:


(1) How do I communicate with a ‘Dump Here’ sign?


(2) How do I or could I communicate ‘No Dumping Here’?


  1. Treat Everyone’s Name as Sacred


  1. Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire: Say, “OK” or “I hear you.”


  1. Say, “Ouch!”


  1. Practice the 2-out-of-3 Rule:                   (1) Say someone’s name.

(2) Say something negative.

(3) Say it to someone else.


  1. See the Problem, Own the Problem



Assessing Our Culture:


8-10        Significantly present in our culture

6-7           Often present in our culture

4-5           Seldom present in our culture

1-3           Significantly absent in our culture


_____        Job #1: Help Others Succeed

_____        Communicate ‘You Matter’

_____        Honor the Absent

_____        See the Problem, Own the Problem



Top 20 Teachers Practice Kaizen: Continual Improvement


Action Plan: What have I become aware of that I now want to…