This week’s blog is a reminder to do what matters so that you can do what else matters. Educators have a job to do: develop humans. Educators use the bells, the grade books, the curriculum, the classroom, the lesson plans, the hallways, and many other ‘things’ to aid in the human development of their students.

One of the most challenging parts of education is activating the potential of students. Piquing interest is very difficult. In any given class, the content is often interesting to roughly 3-7 of the 30 students. So how do we engage all of them???

Do what matters. Greet students at the door so they know they matter. Use their names on a regular basis so they hear they matter. See the students as more than a number and more than a grade. Let them know you truly see them as people. Let them know you understand that they are learning and growing and trying to make sense of a world that is ever changing and ever challenging. If you spend time treating your students as humans first, they will be more apt to engage and more primed for learning things they may not have interest in. Go human first, and then together you can explore the curriculum and world of your subject matter!

Do What Matters.

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