Keep Your Day Blog

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Way back in Blogs 2-4 we discussed the power of our thinking. When we are aware of our thinking, especially by using the concept of the LINE, we have a better chance of being in control of our thinking. When we aren’t aware, our thinking can govern us.

As humans, we receive INVITATIONS (conditions that come up that invite us to go Below the Line) on a daily basis. Invitations can be big or small. There is no way of hiding from them,…they will always come. Instead of hiding from them, we choose to control what we can control (like we discussed in Blog 10), which is the way we experience them.

With that in mind, we want to remind you to KEEP YOUR DAY!

Say it.

Out loud.

Say it again.

Keep Your Day is a powerful set of words that should play through your inner voice when invitations come flying at you. Too often we receive an invitation and go Below the Line,…we get crabby,…we get snappy,…our thinking gets cloudy,…we lose track of ourselves. Way too often those small moments become glue. They stick to us. They follow us around and pollute the rest of our day. In those moments we give our day away. Keep Your Day is a reminder that you have the power to keep it. Invitations will come. You’re going to take hits throughout the day. Don’t let those moments control your day. Keep it.

Life moves fast and each day is precious. They’re your days; keep them.