Top 20 Training July 27th Informational Session

Making Amazing Happen

For 23 years, Top 20 Training has been providing educators with practical tools and strategies that empower educators to make amazing things happen in their personal and professional lives. We have materials and training that support a curriculum that is currently being taught in hundreds of elementary, middle and high schools across the country in wonderful, creative ways. 

Join us on July 27th at 10am (Central Time):

In this free session, we will cover 4 items:

  • Provide an overview of topics, how we have helped over 2 million other educators, and how we might help your school
  • Allow you to experience TWO difference making strategies including Living Above the Line: becoming aware of your thinking so you  you know when it is working in your best interest and when it’s not AND Knowing the Secret About Confusion: An essential practice for keeping students engaged in learning. 
  • Field questions from participants
  • Strategize about further collaboration 

Sign up here to reserve your spot and get your zoom link emailed. Please share this invitation with colleagues.

We know how difficult it’s been for you in these extremely challenging times as an educator. We’re hoping to provide some positive energy and tools for you as you head into 2023 school year. We are thankful to all of you for all that you’ve done to foster the human development of young people and want to support you with our tools in the important work you’re doing for students.

July 27, 2023 - Free Informational Session

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