As a teacher, I wanted my students to get things done…to do their homework, study for tests, complete projects. As director of Top 20 Training, I want people on my team to get things done…prepare for presentations, create new materials, contact our customers. And I certainly have expectations of myself to get things done. In all of our roles, ‘doing’ is important and necessary. Human beings are human doers.

But what determines our joy in doing, our internal motivation for doing, or the quality of our doing? Whether it’s my students, my team or myself, I’ve noticed that our best ‘doing’ happens when we are being our best selves. When we are being more mindful of others and ourselves, when we are being more socially and emotionally aware, when we are being more effective in our thinking, learning, and communicating, then we do our best. So it’s true that human beings are human doers, but, if we want others and ourselves to do our best, we need to remember that human being precedes human doing. When we help others be their best, they will do their best.

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